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Years Active: 2006 to present

Genre: rock, post hardcore

Country: United Kingdom


John Baillie Junior (vocals)
Ryan McGiness (bass)
Paul Carlin (drums)
Calum Gunn (vocals/drums)
David Roy (guitar)
Duncan Robertson (guitar)
James Hamilton (drums), former member
Giles Bailey (vocals), former member
Laura Hyde (bass), former member

Artist Bio:

From the Moshi-Moshi records website - The Glasweigan 6 piece started life in January of 2006 when members James (drums) and David (guitar)'s former band Multiplies disbanded. Calling on their "favourite rocking friends" from the Glasgow scene - who were all thankfully up for some musical adventures - the troops were rallied and our crew were assembled in no time. Railing against the archetypal Glasgow scenester seemingly intent on standing stock-still at gigs and exhibiting the least amount of enthusiasm possible..whilst sporting the haircut du jour, listening to Franz B-sides and trying their hardest not to smile..they started making music. The results post Dananananaykroyd as an antidote to everything posed, packaged and poised in the current world of Indie Rock (or 'Fight Pop' as the band call it). Despite the diverse influences they stake a claim to (everything from Sebadoh and Pavement, Rodan and Rocket From the Crypt to Hood, Jim O'Rourke, Mice Parade and Stereolab), they're raw as you like. Dananananaykroyd's live shows, for the uninitiated, are somewhat legendary. Already (their very first show was Glasgow's celebrated Stereo, in March this year). They're young, and as young people in bands are prone to doing, they stand up on......[Read More]