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Years Active: 1989 to present

Genre: electronic

Country: United States


Jimmy Tamborello

Artist Bio:

From Wikipedia - James Scott Tamborello, more commonly known as Dntel (pronounced DIN-tel), is an electronic music artist. He is sometimes cited as James Figurine, the co-programmer and vocalist for the electropop outfit Figurine. Other projects include Strictly Ballroom, Headset and The Postal Service. Tamborello has indicated that the name was not intended to mean anything. When asked to create a meaning for it, he quoted it as a shortened version of "Don't Tell" although he admits that this meaning is a bit of a stretch. There are some speculations on the name being based on the word Accidental (dntel), although, Tamborello has not confirmed this origination.Tamborello first began creating music in 1989, when he was in Junior High School in Santa Barbara, California. His father a jazz saxophone player and flutist bought Tamborello a drum machine, a sequencer, a keyboard and an eight track recorder, primarily for the possibility to create music on his own. His mother, Joyce Menges was an actress in the late 60's and early 70's and starred in To Rome With Love starring John Forsythe, Kay Medford, Walter Brennon, Susan Neher, and Melanie Fullerton and later in Now You See Him Now You Don't. Jimmy's......[Read More]