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Little Big Adventure

 Little Big Adventure

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Little Big Adventure


Years Active: 2004 to present

Genre: Pop / Indie / Down-tempo

Country: Södermalm, Stockholms län Sweden


Vladimir Markovnikov Vasilyevich

Artist Bio:

Things turned when I took all my savings and bought a Casio-keyboard. Instead of writing boring guitar songs I could now play everything on this. Im not exactly a skilled keyboard player so I recorded everything note by note and then cut it all together in my music program. To cover up all my technical flaws I put a noise filter on everything so that no one could hear the glitches between the notes, and no one could hear the noise from the microphone, as everything was noisy. This was back in the year 2004 and now five years have passed and nothing much has happened. I still write about what has happened since last I was drunk. But now I also write about trying people at school, trying people on the streets, or trying people on the Internet. Or songs about my low self esteem. Or about hate. I once tried to explain that all my songs are about hate, and thats probably true, with some very few exceptions. (by Magnus Stterstrm, Little Big Adventure) Little Big Adventures has released one EP called The Hateful Eye in may 2008 and is currently working on a full length album.[Read More]