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Johnny Unitas and the Indie Music Connection

by Cris


Thumbnail image for thekingdom.jpgAs promised, I’ve got another song featured on the site. This time from a group from Portland, Oregon called The Kingdom.

“I Am Constellation” comes from their debut album Unitas – an album named after the American football legend Johnny Unitas. I haven’t listened to the full album myself, but seriously, am I the only one who thinks they might’ve been more inspired in that Pete and Pete episode ‘Space, Geeks and Johnny Unitas’ than Johnny Unitas himself when they made this album?

I figure it’s only me. Although, I have a nagging feeling that Johnny Unitas – aside from being an ambassador for intergalactic friendship (as proven by that Pete and Pete episode) is somehow related to the indie music movement. See, The Kingdom, inspired by Johnny Unitas, made this song called “I Am Constellation” which they featured in their debut EP. They followed it up with a full album called K-1 that has a song called “Polaris”. Polaris, aside from being the Northern Star, is also the name of the band that played the title song for the TV series “The Adventures of Pete and Pete”.  The series had an episode entitled “Space, Geeks and Johnny Unitas” which aired in  1991. Coincidence? Most probably yes, though I bet I could get a nice six-degrees-of-Johnny Unitas search engine up  if I could. Everything would eventually lead up to either this band or Polaris.

Before I get further derailed from finishing this currently non-existent Indie Music Database on, I probably should let you guys listen to this wonderful song: