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Making it big with songfights and Sears portraits

by Cris


sears portrait.jpgI admit, this is cheating. To make up for the three days I missed – I’m featuring 3 songs from one band. Two bands actually, but the two songs are the same song – and the same vocalist in the band sang that song under a different name. So technically it’s just two songs from one band or if you think about it the other way, three songs from two bands.

I’ll probably just go right ahead with the songs..

     Listen to So Kind Stacey (Carol Cleveland Sings)

This one’s from the band Carol Cleveland Sings. I got it from the archives of the SongFight site where it actually became an entry to the weekly challenge : make a song entitled ‘So Kind Stacey’. I didn’t win, but Carol Cleveland Sings paved the way for a newer and more popular version of the song by the Spinto Band (still sung by Carol Cleveland a.k.a  Spinto Band vocalist Thomas Hughes).

    Listen to So Kind Stacey (Spinto Band version)

So, which version do you guys like better? For me – and I am only saying this because I care – there’s a lot of decaffenated brands on the
market that are just as tasty as the real thing.

You can view a spiffy video of one of their songs – “Oh Mandy” another song with a girl’s name, about a mandolin, played with a mandolin, after the cut.