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The Best Love Songs are the Ones That Aren’t

by Cris


radiodepttag.jpgBlog postings are coming way slower than I want them to be. Okay, so I won’t promise something everyday…not with all the stuff that I’m doing for the DB (which admittedly, is at a snails pace in becoming the definitive indie music resource). Of course there’s everyday life to deal with, and a day job that actually pays me money to do stuff.

But, as promised, I will be posting music here as often as I can.

Where did I leave off…yes…Swedish Indie music bands, my favorite kind. 🙂

Today, since it’s a pretty day – our featured song is from three guys from Lund, Sweden called The Radio Dept. For all intents and purposes, Strange Things will Happen is a love song as almost all songs are…(like all movie plots are basically love stories). It’s about love.

 As far as love songs go, for me, there are two songs from indie music bands that I find absolutely beautiful. One is StarsOne More Night and the other is this song. Ironically, they’re not your typical love songs – when introducing One More Night at gigs, Stars singer Torque Campbell often says: “this song is about f*cking someone to kill them”. I’ll probably post this in another entry to elaborate, but if you know the song, you’ll know what I mean.

Strange Things Will Happen isn’t as intense and as passionate as One More Night. But similarly, it’s about love in a different way – falling out of it. If there’s a classification for it, it’ll probably be the top song in the Breakup Recovery songs list. Best of all, it’s a duet too. None of those I love you, I love you back exchanges between the male and female singers.  It’s just like –  hey yeah, I’m over you, totally,  and none of the bitter crap about love too.

  Listen to Strange Things Will Happen