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The Indie Music Database is now live!

by Cris


Yes, it’s alive! …though barely. This project is as indie as it gets. A one man production, with the occasional help and moral support from friends and family, backed up by the artistic stylings of my five-year old web designer (check out the awesome robots!), here I present, THE DATABASE. Be awed by its shocking red radiance.

Sadly, you can only search from 15 artists housed in the database ( I may be adding one or two more in the next few hours – depending on my need for sleep). It sucks yes…but only for the moment. You see, this is just the beginning…hopefully of something big.

All of the previous artists listed here are already in the Database, so please check it out if you’d like to see more information. I’ve updated the links on the past articles to point to their artist pages on the DB.

What now?

I need your help! Well, to the few handful that may stumble across this page…I know you’re all indie music junkies..why else would you be here reading this? If you have any information about a band that you’d like to include in our database, please feel free to email me at

As this will be a definitive list that aims to tackle the age-old question: ‘What is Indie Music?’, be more than free to give a brief description as to why you think this artist should be considered as ‘Indie’. Comments and suggestions about the information already in the database are also welcome and you can send them over to the email address indicated above. We’re still operating at a small scale here, so responses might not be lightning fast – but I’ll do my best : )

The information that we have right now has been culled from different sources on the net – usually from the band’s official website or official MySpace page (yes, indeed, MySpace is the site of choice if you’re starting out as an indie music artist). All sources are cited in the database. Some artist photos are promotional photos from their official sites and is considered as fair use, however, I’ve placed Creative Commons licensed photos when available. If you’re the artist or the record label, feel free to contact me if you’d like to give us more juicy info and pictures.

I’ll constantly be posting Site Updates for the next few weeks since we’re still adding more features to the DB, and of course more artists.

I know I promised a blog post of an artist a day when I started this…but well, I decided I might as well spend my energy building the database to house these artists first and get those blog postings up afterwards. Sorry it took me 3 months to put up a new post. Well, not that it matters though, based on the site visits and the lack of comments…there hasn’t been…I mean…the millions of people visiting this site everyday seem to be very understanding, and unbelievably quiet to comment too.

So feel free to peruse our small collection of indie artists and if you want, come on in send in your artist info submissions.