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Leisure Centre Love

by Cris



There must be something in the water at the Latchmere Leisure Centre for this band to be passionate enough to write a song about it. And passionate it is – from it’s intro of rolling beats , to it’s rhythmic opening lyrics (yes, ‘Swimming swimming, swimming, swimming’ is quite rhythmic) – you can actually feel your heart pounding along.

The Maccabees‘ song Latchmere is a mini masterpiece in a sense that it makes you giddy with excitement when you hear it…and think: ‘What’s that song all about?‘ And you’d be curious to find out that, no it’s not love, nor fighting a revolution…it’s just all about a leisure centre – where speedos speed by and people are asked to stay in their own lanes when swimming.

Now I find myself loving Latchmere, a place that I’ve never gone to, and I’m interestingly looking forward to seeing their wave machine.

I’ve posted the song below. The band’s got a neat stop motion video, but as most music videos have nothing to do with the song, you guys can check it out some other time – Latchmere is best experienced by first timers aurally. Enjoy 😉


  Listen to Latchmere