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Swedish Indie Pop fresh from the Post

by Cris


staphanobell2.jpgEmail actually. Imagine my surprise to get a nice treat in my inbox – fresh new songs! Sometimes you half expect to get some crappy samples from somebody, but this was anything but.

I know, I said I rounded up my Swedish indie themed posts with Hello Saferide… but then Friska Viljor’s “Monday” kept popping into my head, so I wrote about that, and then I get this email from Staphan O’ Bell….

Ok, so what if a large chunk of my entries are from Swedish artists – with Swedish music, what’s not to like? Sweden is after all, the land where Abba came from. 😉

“I’m Ok” is a sweet sweet song about…you guessed it – being ok. Actually, ‘ok’ isn’t the right word – more like ‘alright’ (you’ll get it once you listen to it).  The song begins as an easy listening acoustic guitar love song about a boy who gets silly nervous when he’s in front of the object of his affections, that he needs to tell her that – yeah, he’s alright – he’s just crazy in love (which explains why he’s acting weird most of the time).

The best thing about this song is that it swells into a beautiful finale of guitars and drums, which sort of reminds me of Glen Hansard’s songs from the movie “Once”. And of course, how could I not mention that it’s another perfect use of my favorite percussion instrument – the glockenspiel…or probably something that sounds like it. Didn’t the song just sound so nice with it?

  Listen to I’m Ok

For more of Staphan O’ Bell’s songs, check out his MySpace page.

Thanks for sharing Staphan!