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The Boy Least Likely To Won’t be Least Likely to Remind You to Be Gentle

by Cris


The Boy Least Likely To is a great example of  a band that you’ve actually heard of that you didn’t know you did. Their song ‘Be Gentle With Me’ has done it’s rounds on different commercials, TV spots, TV shows and who knows where. Believe me, once you’ve checked out the song below, your first reaction would be: I’ve heard this song before!

It’s actually one of my personal faves when it comes to driving on the road with my son, since: a) he likes it, and b) it reminds him to be gentle – as he sometimes forgets. Surprisingly, reminding him a couple of times through song form is effective.

It’s also one of those great sounding songs that make good use of the glockenspiel without overusing it. Yes, there is such a thing as overusing the glockenspiel. I’ve heard it before. You won’t realize it at first when you’re listening to it, but towards the end of the song, if you think you’re suffering from a splitting headache and a semi-permanent ringing sound in your ear, you know there was glockenspiel overload.

Aside from its responsible use of the glockenspiel, the song, which is uber-cute, also has the cutesy mascots from the band’s album cover (a fleshed out version of the singer Peter Hobb’s brother’s drawings) starring in the music video. It also features Rashida Jones (The Office) as the Boy Least Likely To‘s  love interest.