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A Summer Song in Fall

by Cris


SeanMcCabe1.jpgWhat better way to celebrate the first few weeks of fall than to introduce you guys with a summer song. It’s not just any summer song. Peculiar as it is, it’s a summer song that actually feels like fall – perhaps, almost wintry.

When Michael Leviton strums his ukelele and sings songs about the beach and summer – it’s not all pearly shells or tiny bubbles. They’re heart-wrenching ballads that will make you say (in a dramatic soap opera-ish kind of way): ‘I’ll never love again!’.

Aptly titled ‘Summer’s the Worst’, he dishes out about the dangers of summer love. Summer days and summer nights will eventually lead to heartbreak – but the pathetic beings that we are, we’re still drawn to it. As his lonely boy musings jab at the human weakness for summer romance, the song ends with a nice duet that seems hopeful – maybe we can give summer just one more chance?

The song has an interesting music video . Interesting, as in, not bad, not good,but interesting. I’d highly recommend hearing the song first.

  Listen to Summer’s The Worst *

*’Summer’s The Worst’ is also available for download at Michael Leviton’s official site.