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This might be, the best song to serenade a girl by

by Cris


loveninjas-secretcover.jpgForget about holding up your boom box to a girl’s window with Peter Gabriel’s ‘In Your Eyes’ blaring out the speakers, or getting the school marching band to play ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ while you sing through the PA system from the football field bleachers. This Loveninjas song, is the perfect song to serenade a girl by.

It builds up from its keyboard intro, to a nice feel good rhythm. It also has that 80’s new wave love song kind of feel along the lines of Aztec Camera and The Lotus Eaters (if I lost you there, don’t worry – it just means that it’s good). And of course, what’s a love song without heartwrenching lyrics? The singer…he pleads, You can take what you want from me, do what you want – I just want to go out with you.

At the end of the song, a girl just can’t help but fall in love. She’ll run up to you, throw her arms around you and kiss you. But here’s the clincher. The moment she says: ‘That is so wonderful! I never knew you were such a romantic. It’s such a beautiful song. What’s it called?’ – when you’ve finally got the girl who turned you down so many times, wrapped around your arms, will you dare say what the name of the song is?

  Listen to Do Me