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Let’s Celebrate the New Look with Some Shout Out Louds

by Cris


If you guys haven’t noticed yet…we’ve got a new look to the site 🙂

I’d I’ve outdone myself this time (pats myself on the back).

It looks pretty decent I might say. I did love the old shocking-red artist pages – though this I guess, is better for long usage without eyestrain.

What’s new you might ask? Basically, everything’s brand spanking new! A few things to note – we’ve got our DB Updates widget at the upper left corner so y’all know how many artists we’ve got – and once you see the pathetic number we have now, maybe some of you guys can help out ; )  . There’s the Random Words of Indie Wisdom, my favorite at the moment, in case you’re down in the dumps or need some inspiration (our version of the fortune cookie). I’ve also got a new captcha (the random letters and numbers you get asked to type in when adding comments) – from reCaptcha. If you guys haven’t heard of that yet, it’s  the Carnegie Mellon University’s project to digitize text books by letting us decode inintelligible texts from books via the captchas, and help refine their optical character recognition (OCR) software. (More info about reCaptcha here: ). All the more reason for you guys to leave comments 🙂

And to celebrate, let’s play some Shout Out Louds!

‘Tonight I Have to Leave It’ is something I love to listen to, to perk myself up. It has this dancey, conga-ish kind of beat that’ll keep your head bopping. The video doesn’t do justice to the happy-peppy feeling that you get from the song. Nonetheless, if you’re interested in the shipping industry, it’s a pretty good video to watch.