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A Song for a Lazy Sunday Afternoon

by Cris


sunshine.jpgI wish it was sunny outside instead of this mucky fall weather we’re having. Nonetheless, it hasn’t deterred me from thinking of nice lazy Sunday afternoons – where all you’ll want to do is just sit back, relax, and do nothing. Lazy Sunday afternoons would be perfect with sunny weather and sipping on drinks outside the patio. Though, just nice and quiet would definitely do if you’re listening to this song by The Bees.

Sky Holds the Sun, has only one line for it’s lyrics – ‘I want to hold you like the sky holds the sun’ – repeated over and over, with a little variation once, but basically that’s it.  With it’s slow and steady rhythm, coupled with an arrangement that makes you think of Bacharach – it’s the perfect lazy Sunday song. So yeah, I plan on sitting back and just relaxing today – you know, thinking of the sky holding the sun and how terribly poetic it is. Just perfect.

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