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Drunk whiteboy rap actually sounds cool

by Cris


Jamie T‘s music is like listening to a British Jason Mraz … in bizarro world. He’s your edgy acoustic guitar act, who takes your favorite type of music to a different kind of level.

‘Calm Down Dearest’ is not one his acoustic songs, but it’s his take on rap with a twist of vodka and lime. After the curiosity of listening to someone drunk rap runs out, and you listen to the song long enough to get to the chorus, it’s pretty darn good (albeit the unmistakeable background sound of a cokehead doing a round).

Check out the music video below, which involves an apartment that doubles as a creepy funhouse, a scarier version of the guy who looks like the oompa loompa from Charlie and the Chocolate factory and perfect British teeth.

Calm Down Dearest : Buy at InSound