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Turn the TV Off

by Cris


loveisall.jpgNothing sums up down and depressed better than the image of someone stuck on the sofa, eyes latched on to the tube, hugging a tub of ice cream and wearing yesterday’s jammies. I don’t know what it is with sofas and TVs, but they almost always get bad press when it comes to the topic of depression. Love Is All‘s ‘Turn the TV Off’ doesn’t help rid of that ‘TV is negative’ vibe – though I find it thoroughly amusing that somebody actually wrote a song about it. Amusing in a sense that it’s true (yes, didn’t your momma tell you that too much TV is evil?) – and not only that, somewhere in the song, the singer also comes to realization – ‘I’ve got to pull myself together, there’s got to be something so much better than this’. Now, where have I heard that before?

To those of you who’s ever been depressed and got stuck for days just glued to the TV, this song will bring out all those fun memories in beautiful song form.

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