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Weddings, Plane Flights and Possible Ménière’s disease

by Cris


made.jpegI caught up with the rest of my life the past few days: I attended my sister’s wedding, traveled across the country by plane (2 planes in fact) and discovered I might have Ménière’s disease.

The wedding was an absolute blast. I hated the nauseating 8 hour plane flight, but seeing the smile on my sister’s face was well worth it. When all was well and done and I reached safely home – I come down with a killer 1 week headache that left me nauseous as hell. A phone conversation with my mom, a doctor, and googling up symptoms, left me thinking I might have Ménière’s disease, one of those fancy sounding illnesses that ain’t too good. I thought, it might explain this really bad feeling of fullness in my right ear that I’ve had for days or that mysterious time when I almost passed out due to nausea when I was at that downtown shopping mall (at which I was promptly saved by the kindest and most helpful The Bay employee ever, Patricia, I never got the chance to fully thank you, please drop me a line if you read this) .  I  went to a walk-in clinic yesterday – with my Aussie doctor confirming, it might all be just the stress of travel and that all he can see is wax in my right ear. So here I am Q-tips in hand, ears all cleaned.

Before I totally lose my hearing, here’s one song that I’d like to share to my newlywed sister. I know you guys dig Jack Johnson but I think you might like this song too.

The GuillemotsMade Up Love Song #43 – is just that. It’s a love song that’s presumably spontaneous – cause you know, love’s like that. It’s an unexplainable feeling that you suddenly get…and serendipitous as it is, it’s really one of the best things that can come out of nowhere. I’ll just let the song speak for itself.

Listen to Made Up Love Song #43 | Buy at InSound

The guys from LaBlogotheque also made a take away show video of this band. It’s a lovely way to see them live: #25.2 – Guillemots – Made Up Love Song #43