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A Sufjan Stevens Christmas Extravaganza

by Cris


sufjan-xmas3-dennyrenshaw.jpgNo one loves Christmas more than Sufjan Stevens. From 2001 to 2006 (with the exception of 2004, when he recorded his Illinois album) – Sufjan created Christmas albums, originally distributed among family and friends as Christmas gifts, complete with self-made album covers. These albums were released the public to in 2006 as a boxed set – and became a hit for everyone else who, tired of the usual Christmas album fare , saw this as a fresh new alternative.

If you haven’t heard of Sufjan’s songs yet, you check out this link – where Sufjan not only offers a sampling of his Christmas album, but also a game in 8 bit, a dress-your-own-Sufjan e-card and a couple of high quality photos like the one on this entry, of classic Sufjan, in all his glorious dorkiness (courtesy of Danny Renshaw).

In the spirit of sharing, the site also streams entries from last year’s The Great Sufjan Song Xmas Xchange, whose winner got the chance to own the rights to a Sufjan Stevens song.  

And what better way to bring on the Christmas spirit with a video of Sufjan Stevens ‘Put The Light on the Tree’. Merry Christmas everyone!

Songs for Christmas : Download at eMusic | Buy at Insound