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Something for the kids

by Cris


Actually this is just something for one kid – mine specifically. If you’ve checked out the About section of this magnificently glorious website, one of my inspirations in putting this up was my cutie-pie son Paolo, and his growing love for music. This is from a kid who I never thought would be music loving  – not with his significant disdain for any loud sound and (early on in his life), an i’m-going-to-die-if-you-don’t-turn-that-off reaction to any radio left playing in a room. Luckily, I found the magic combination – music inside the car.  He usually kept nice and quiet during car rides, and I thought, it was just the distraction of all the things he can see out the window that kept him from reacting to the stereo music. All that time, his silence in the backseat was not because of tolerance to the sound emanating from the speakers behind him, it was because he liked listening to the music. And then it was out of the bag – my dear old sonny boy, loved music. At first, he sang along, hummed along to the songs I played. Then he began singing in the shower and oddly, started to form a weird (but cute!) habit of  humming while he ate. My son, was like me: a true blue music junkie – and what parent can’t be proud?

One of the earliest songs he liked was a cute number by my all time favorite band ‘Architecture In Helsinki‘. He liked it so much that he named my car the same name of the song – ‘Wishbone’.

Here’s a video of ‘Wishbone’ by Architecture In Helsinki. It shows how morose zombies uncharacteristically singing a ridiculously upbeat and catchy tune, can become a hit with the kids (or maybe just mine…he did laugh uncontrollably at the cricket bat bludgeoning scene in Shaun of the Dead).