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List Addicts Fridays : Songs For Wooing the One You Love

by Cris


This is just something off the top of my head: a regular weekly entry that I’m tentatively naming List Addicts Fridays (this might change, who knows?). I’m doing this so you guys know you’ve got something new to read every week and maybe have something to look forward to.

In my attempt to be relevant, in the next few weeks leading up till the end of February, it will be all songs about love. Why? Well, why not? Aside from the obvious reason that February houses Valentines day, all songs in general, (in my opinion) are all about love – all the more easier for me to compile a list  ( it’s also a huge allowance for the month after, when I have to go all out, be creative, and find more subjects and songs to feature).

I know I’ve covered love in the past entries – and I’ve also covered the perfect love song to serenade a girl by. I still maintain, the Loveninja’s song ‘Do Me’ would be the perfect song to serenade a girl (mostly for the added punchline in the title) – but subduing my kooky side to choosing love songs, I’m not including it in this list. I am however, itching to have Weezer’s El Scorcho or Cake’s Short Skirt and Long Jacket and toss it in the ‘perfect songs for wooing’ list, but then again – I’m making way for my more romantic side to pick my top five this week.

This Friday’s list brings you a couple of song ideas for a serenade, given you know how to play a musical instrument (guitar preferred) or maybe round the guys up to play backup as you sing.

1. The Maccabees – Toothpaste Kisses ( Buy at Insound )



I won’t deny, I’ve been addicted to listening to The Maccabees for the past couple of weeks. The boys from Brighton sure know how to bring out passion through their songs.

While ‘Latchmere’ gave me the sudden urge to move to Battersea just to check out Latchmere’s wave machine, their semi-acoustic song ‘Toothpaste Kisses’  left me totally smitten. Sure, it sings about getting hickeys and doing the nasty, but translated in beautiful Maccabees-style lyric, it’s getting ‘heart shaped bruises’ and ‘doing things that lovers do’. If you’re the cheeky type, but want to come across as sweet, this song is the right mix of bold yet sincere. Pucker up your lips though, as whistling is a requirement.

2. Guillemots – Made-Up Love Song #43 ( Buy at Insound )



Didn’t I just feature this song before? This song is actually *that* good to merit another mention here. What I love about Fyfe and the gang, is that they’re excellent at making romantic love songs which make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. ‘Made-Up Love Song #43’ captures all the explosive emotions that come out of love. This is a made-up love song after all – extemporaneous, with lyrics that sound like they just sprung from the heart. Also, its feel good chorus begs you to want to sing all out – yes, yes indeed – ‘the best things come from nowhere‘ 

Brownie points as well, if you can try to recreate the Guillemots Take-Away show for the object of your affection.

3. Slow Club – Apples and Pairs ( Download at Moshi Moshi Records )



If you live in Canada, you might notice these two familiar voices from that Ritz commercial. Apples and Pairs might not be their popular ad song, but it’s one of their most heartfelt ones. It’s a simple song, an acoustic duet, that brings out the imagery of a relationship from the beginning to end. What I like about it is how it describes little bits and pieces of being a couple and looking back on how you felt about it. This song might be something for those who are already in the relationship, to make your girl (or guy) love you more with a sweet cute tune. Not a complicated song to sing, you just need a guitar and maybe someone to do the glockenspiel part (and trombone too if you want to go all out). It’s a song to spice things up, reminisce on all the good old times and probably the perfect addition for that mixed tape you were planning to give on Valentine’s Day.

4. Wolfman featuring Pete Doherty – For Lovers ( Download at eMusic )



Pete Doherty might be a scary looking crazed out junkie, but he sure knows how to sing a love song. Pete Wolfe (the Wolfman)’s collaboration with Pete Doherty might be one the greatest classic indie love songs to have come out in the past 20 years.

Tickle the ivory and croon out with your slightly husky voice like Doherty. There’s something oh-so-romantic about running away with the girl of your dreams and singing about it. If you’re going for classy and sauve, this would be your best bet.

5. Jens Lekman – And I Remember Every Kiss ( Download at eMusic | Buy at Insound )



If you want to profess your love in a big way – Jens Lekman’s ‘And I Remember Every Kiss‘ would be the perfect song. You might need to hire a small orchestra though, to get that full effect. No one beats kettle drums, a couple of violins and a fanfare of trumpets playing in the background as you swear to never kiss anyone who doesn’t burn you like the sun. Truly, that kind of declaration would be incredibly romantic. You’ll definitely have it in the bag with this one.