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Site Updates and then some…

by Cris


jrsr.jpgIt’s been a while since I put in an entry for site updates…and it’s long overdue.

Now, I can proudly say, all site features are fully functional. None of those messages to check this space in a couple of days . Nope! We’ve got brand spanking new things to explore – like the search page for example. We’ve got it there for whatever quest for information that you wish to undertake. Of course, information is still limited to the stuff that I’ve put in, though, feel free to peruse our search with a new option for finding videos (another new thing up on the site!).

If you guys haven’t visited in the last couple of weeks, in the artist pages, I now have a blog feed bar on the right side for up-to-date info about your favorite indie artists, as well as a newly renamed Misc. section that houses Media (photos and videos). I’ve linked to pictures available in trusty old Flickr and I’m hoping everyone else can help me gather videos up (embeddable ones in particular).

So yeah, no more little sections that are under construction. Though, that doesn’t mean we’re not adding more to the site – there’s still more to come! As always, I’m all ears to suggestions and will welcome, with open arms, any contribution for artist information that I can add to the site. (Hint, hint – demos, ep’s and singles send ’em to me, I’m always up for new music).

Of course, my blog post wouldn’t be complete without some music to feature. Since I’ve been in the mood for retro-pop the past few days – here’s a nice little tune from Denmark’s ‘Junior Senior‘.

‘Move Your Feet’ seems like something that the Jackson 5 collaborated on – it’s all loads of fun, and of course, happy 🙂 What can you expect from a group from the happiest place on earth?(and, no it’s not Disneyland).

To all you lovers of funky dance music, here’s Move Your Feet – ( Buy at Insound )