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Fresh from the Post Tuesdays : Evripidis and his Tragedies

by Cris


evripidis-tragedies.jpgSurprise! Another post in week’s span? Are we reaching some sort of Armageddon? No…well, maybe. Is it just me or are there a lot more people aimlessly mucking about – living life without a purpose? It’s sort of like were getting programmed to meet the end soon and scrap any plans of the future. Well, I sure do hope that’s not true – I do know a bunch of kiddos out there just starting out their innocent little lives. In any case, enough ramble, this post – as many of you have probably guessed, is another weekly thing. Oooh yes, we do love regularity – not just in bowel habits but in favorite sites’ blog posting frequency. And why oh why have I committed to this, when Friday’s post was obviously riddled with hints of an addled mind (most likely lacking sleep!) – it’s because, I’m a bit crazy and I just love doing this.

Fresh from the Post Tuesdays will be something for those of you who have lovingly written in to introduce me to their music. This is the spot where I talk about it. I apologize it took me weeks to put this up  – I can’t even fathom how I can manage to spend time on this blog, work full time, and being parent to a fairly high maintenance kid (who, I love to death). What can I say, I have a weak spot for indie music and autistic kids – one of which I spent a movie date last weekend with – his first movie, he loved it, and didn’t even scream bloody murder because of the visual and aural overload…and people thought Coraline would be too scary for kids. Okay, getting a bit off tangent there…

Back to the topic – this week’s artist is my Greek/Spanish connection.

Evripidis and his Tragedies
may sound like a Greek drama tribute band, but in terms of music, the Greek reference ends there. The band started out as a solo project for musician Evripidis Sabatis –  who transplanted from Athens to Barcelona where his project became a full on collaboration with his Spanish artist and musician friends. Their self-titled 2007 album actually reminds me of a similar collaborative band, I’m From Barcelona – only with Evripidis, they are actually from Barcelona, though with not as many members, and the music, more piano driven than guitar. What’s the same though, is the fun factor – songs like Ru Ru I I’d Love To or the first song up the album Abroad – are bouncy fun-happy songs, songs that will definitely get a hold of you the first time you listen to them.

Abroad is my favorite track in the album – not just because it sounds playfully cute – but it’s  a pretty good song for anyone who’s ever been abroad for one reason or another. As the singer points out: I’m wasting my time on long distance phonecalls, / I’m wasting my money
in internet cafes / I miss my family I miss my friends but I can’t go
back… / I’m not ready yet –
he laments on missing out on everything else at home, but in true fashion of anyone who’s ever left home and country – one has to prove themselves worthy to come back – and yes, he’s not ready yet.


Not only do we get a bit of playful pianos, Evripidis songs also brings about a sort of nostalgia, with obvious of 50’s and 60’s music influences – tunes that remind me of Henry Mancini penned soundtracks and Beach Boys songs. This B-side track, not included in their album, shows how much 60’s music influence the band has:

Euro Ye-ye

Evripidis may not be ready to come home yet, but his songs are already on their way to achieve whatever reason he chose to go abroad for. If you like songs that make you feel like the artists enjoyed making the songs as much as you’ve loved listening to them, Evripidis and his Tragedies would be the band to check out. You can go to their MySpace page for more band info and songs, and their own Indie Music Database entry to read up on their take on what Indie music is for them.

Evripidis And His Tragedies

Download Evripidis and his Tragedies at eMusic

(band photo by Ramiro e)