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Fresh from the Post Tuesdays : Cat House

by Cris


cathouse2.jpgThe boys from Cat House have a lot of things going on for them right now  – this band from Chelmsford, England are in the forefront of re-invigorating the local music scene with their new single coming out, along with the launch of a new indie music label – Barhouse Records.

Unless you’re a regular at Chelmsford’s Barhouse, you wouldn’t know much about this band since they’ve remained incognito from the rest of the world. The only clues we have of their existence is their MySpace page that only tells us so much, and the mysterious men in cat masks adorning their profile. The obsession with cats, I’m not that sure about, but as a marketing ploy, they’re effectively targeted at least 25% of the world’s population – which in my guesstimates, is the average statistic of cat owners worldwide. And if you go by the statistics of people I know personally, that would be around 60%. So yes, I do stand by with I said earlier – this band really has a lot of things going on for them – not just because they have the advantage of statistically peaking the interest of cat loving individuals worldwide, but their music speak tons of their potential.

‘Tribe’ is Cat House‘s first single off their Barhouse Records debut release. For dance music lovers out there, the track boasts of funky beats reminiscent of 70’s and 80’s disco coupled with modern day dance punk guitar stylings. This particular single sounds a bit like MGMT only more dance punk-y and less psychedelic – just the right amount of head bopping music to make you enjoy it while losing yourself on the dance floor. If their single is just an introduction of the good things that are to come from this foursome – I’d definitely put my money on them being the next big thing coming out from Chelmsford’s local music scene. So will Cat House be next Blur or Prodigy? We’ll just have to wait and see what they’re cooking up in the cattery..but right now, they’ve got the trippy videos down pat –

Cat House – Tribe

I also got the band to answer my ever-so-standard question of what indie music is, and this is what their frontman, Christian Wright had to say:

When people use the word ‘indie’ to describe music it makes me think of
all the horrible Britpop bands. Indie also conjures up the image of
skinny white boys with attitude playing pants guitar music. Then again
were skinny white boys so I guess Cat House are indie.

It’s a shame I think this as obviously the term stems from independent
labels and right now indie labels are thriving in a music industry
where major labels are up the proverbial creak without a paddle. Big
bands are fleeing in their droves to Independent labels that can offer
creative freedom and fairer financial terms for the artist. Indie
labels are great!


If you’re ever in the neighborhood, drop by as Cat House launches their single ‘Tribe’ on March 21st, 8 pm @ Barhouse, 16 Victoria Road Chelmsford Essex CM1 1NZ.