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Fresh from the Post Tuesdays: The Rest

by Cris


restpromo1.jpgI’ve been telling myself to get more Canadian acts featured on the blog considering that: a) there’s a ton of great Canadian acts out there that are just waiting to get noticed and; b) I should love my own – I’m Canadian, what good is a music blog if I don’t even feature great bands from the country that I live in?

Imagine my delight when I got something fresh from the post from a band from Hamilton, Ontario.

With all the types on music available and the different genres, I’ve been struggling on how to categorize the music I listen to lately. Listening to The Rest didn’t make it easy for me to either, though, if there’s ever a category for music that elicits an immediate physical response – like an increased pace in heartbeat, goosebumps…the sort of music that you can actually feel aside from hearing it – they fit just right in.

To make you understand what I mean fully, would involve me sampling one of their singles from their about to be released album Everyone All at Once. This, I would happily oblige, since I never shy away from sharing the little joys that I find in music.

Modern Time Travel (necessities)

Modern Time Travel, begins quietly, with Adam Bentley’s falsetto vocals setting up the calm and sombre mood. When the drum beats begin, that’s when it picks up and you start feeling it – did I just get some goosebumps there? Well, I definitely did, and by the second verse, I could actually say that yes, I’m already gone…and done in by the song. Listening to Modern Time Travel actually made my heart ache – but in a good way. If I would ever see this song performed live, I could definitely say, this song would probably blow my senses away. Why oh why didn’t I hear of this band a long time ago?


In continuing my eternal quest of defining what ‘indie music’ is, hit up Adam with my question of what his definition of what ‘indie music’ is, and why he considers his band indie. And this was his response:

“Indie music these days can almost incorporate any style, and doesn’t
seem to necessarily need to be apart from a major label. That almost
makes it impossible to figure out, but I see it more of a perspective
or feeling. I think most of these artists share a true joy for creating
music, and an honest approach to these creations. The results can vary
because there’s no limitations on your style or creed anymore.

I would consider us an indie group, at least in the description above,
but I sometimes hesitate to use the word these days because I feel
people are using it only as a trend. But deep down indie music is
something that won’t go away. People will continue to make indie music
for their own reasons and not what has been forced upon them.

If indie music is defined by spontaneous bursts of creative energy contained in beautiful song form (with emphasis on the word beautiful) – The Rest would definitely be a great example of it.

On April 21st Auteur Recordings will be releasing Everyone All At Once, with presales starting on March 10th at