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Fresh from the Post Tuesdays : Lemonwilde

by Cris


lemonwilde.jpgLemonwilde produces moody brooding songs, which sort of have a suave and mysterious air around them – songs which might give you that feel of wanting to watch a nice vampire movie or maybe even an urge to do a tribute YouYube video for  ‘Angel’. It may just be coincidence, but the band first started out, playing for a wrap party for a Sarah Michelle Gellar movie.

This five-piece Los Angeles based group recently released their first EP called Red Room. The EP boasts of 5 new tracks that you can also sample at their MySpace page. Its appealing Walrus album cover,  ties up to what the band’s name is all about, which according to frontman Joe Murray – ‘(Lemonwilde) is the name of the atmosphere where the Walrus oversees. This atmosphere is where you go when the pain reaches the boiling point.

I’m tempted to ponder on the profoundness of that statement, but I’ve sworn off thinking too deep into things since I’m just here to enjoy the moment. On a similar note, didn’t ‘I Am the Walrus’ teach us anything about over-analysis? Yes, I am at this point in my life to accept all instances of  ‘goo goo g’joob’ at face value. In any case, you might also want to check out the band’s MySpace for a full explanation of what Lemonwilde is, and see the excellent artwork from the artist that did the Walrus cover art.

To sample a bit of Lemonwilde, here’s the their first single off  their Red Room album called ‘Just This Ashtray’. According to the band  – Lyrically, This song is about the idea of someone having to let go
of something they care about for the better good… think White Fang
(the movie)

Just This Ashtray

Not going off from vampire flick mode, when I listen to this song, I kind of get an image of a  From Dusk ’til Dawn-ish kind of movie…but with a tango dance scene (particularly when this song’s piano part kicks in). Actually, the whole album makes me think that it’ll be perfect for a soundtrack – if any studio execs are reading, this is excellent mood music. Whether it’s for another edgy, dark, teen feature film or  background music for a TV series (hint, hint – maybe a Chuck Bass dramatic moment) – the sounds fit just right in.

I asked the band if they had any favorites when making their EP: We all loved making all of
them, but the ending of ‘Nondeterministic Automation’ was cool because we
all get to break free and jam (including Joe on the cymbal – during
lives shows). Luke’s is ‘Inspired Painter’, Henry’s is ‘Finding Jesus in Math’, and Ter and Joe like ‘Danse’ the most.’

Definitely, all the songs in Red Room are worth the listen. You can check out iTunes if you guys want to grab a copy, or go to the band’s MySpace page to check out how to score the album for free 😉