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Five Songs for the Brokenhearted

by Cris



After a couple of weeks of absence, we’re happily back to our regularly scheduled posts here at the Indie Music Database. The well deserved mental health day, became a week… and another, and has now resulted in this week’s list (and as always, it’s still late for Friday). Since my entry about my top 5 break-up songs was a big hit, I’ve decided to do another similar themed one. This one deals with heartbreak, not the romantic kind, but more of the other kind of heartbreak – like maybe the kind that you feel when you’re laid off from work after 4 long years of loyalty and servitude. It’s actually the ‘in’ thing right now – and I opt to be timely 😉

One could say, a job is like a relationship – and it is. Even when it comes to the bitter end and you feel that you’re not appreciated anymore, it always hurts to be the dumpee. Then again, in the end, a job is still just a job, then it’s business as usual. Time to move on and find a new one. However, it doesn’t hurt to get some mood music on to ease away the pain.

1. LCD Soundsystem – New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down 

I’m amazed at how many great songs there are that have New York in it. There’s always so much passion for this city. For this song however, it’s all about disappointment. Though as a lot of people say, you can’t be that disappointed if you don’t care so much. May it be a place like New York, a person that you know or even the company you work at – this song applies to anyone who’s been disenchanted at one point in their lives. Just replace ‘New York’ with said place or person and you get a personal song for that someone, someplace or something that you once loved. It’s a song for the recently brokenhearted, calm and blues-y, the song just sets the mood oh-so-perfectly.

2. The MaccabeesLego

After the initial shock of heartbreak, sombre and solemn usually comes to the point of emotional. The Maccabees ‘Lego’ is a pour your heart out type of song. It’s actually about a family being broken apart, but the emotional lyrics, and Orlando Weeks’ soulful delivery just tugs at your heartstrings making it fitting for your mood. His occasional wails of ‘oh!’ actually feels like your heart crying out. With equally passion filled lyrics, you might find yourself signing along to the part when he says ‘we’ll hold on’.

Also a plus – if anything lego related reminds you of your object of heartbreak it’s definitely the song for you.

3. Belle and SebastianGet Me Away From Here, I’m Dying

I’ve posted this song before . Though I do hate it when I re-use songs for a new list (since we are in the business of introducing new songs). This is one song that should never be absent from a heartbreak songs list. A calm after the emotional storm song, with this one, you just want to get away from the situation as far as you could and forget. Though, if you do find yourself stuck for a couple months or so – this song is a perfect song to keep you company.

4. The Real Tuesday Weld – Last Words

So you’re already calm, you’ve accepted the facts behind the said cause of heartbreak and you need a really nice song. ‘Last Words’ is the song to do it. It’s one of the loveliest songs I’ve heard in a while – which makes you think like it’s a falling in love kind of song. In truth, it’s actually breakup song. It recounts the day of the breakup – a sweet and ordinary day at the laundromat. There’s a bit of sadness in there, but then, you get a more of the – it’s-better-this-way kind of feel – which makes it all the more okay.

5. The WombatsLet’s Dance to Joy Division

According to this song, The Wombats have found a cure to a broken heart: by dancing to Joy Division. Though I do love Joy Division and sometimes find comfort in listening to ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, I actually find dancing to the song that suggests dancing to Joy Division as a cure to a broken heart, a better cure for a broken heart. I bet if The Wombats were born earlier and released this song when Joy Division was still Joy Division, Ian Curtis would never have offed himself and lived a long a full life. But then again we wouldn’t have had New Order – a band who’s songs I’ve danced my sorrows away to, for many a summer ( ‘Bizzare Love Triangle’ and ‘Regret’ – oh the memories!).

Heartbreak aside, many of us still have mounds of stuff to worry about. Like the eternal problem of money for one. But then again, a fresh break means a new start. I’m itching to find out exactly – what does the future hold? In the meantime, I’ll probably dance to The Wombats instead.

photo: Forlorn by Noel Zia Lee