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List Addict Fridays: Sickly Sweet and Cute

by Cris


sweet.gifMy always overdue list this week, comes as a result of some recommendations from friends and my craving for sweets – both the food and music kind. These aural treats are best enjoyed with a nice big slice of sweet chocolate cake or an icy cool popsicle or ice cream treat – which I think I need now – boy, is it hot today!

1. Architecture in Helsinki – The Owls Go

This song reminds me of my sister, who’s long been asking me for a copy of this song since I brainwashed her into liking it – that time that she became my designated driver for a week, and Architecture In Helsinki’s ‘Finger’s Crossed’ was the only CD in my car. The one song that started my love for this band, which might also be the same for most Architecture in Helsinki fans out there (however for my son, it was always ‘Wishbone’). This catchy little song will tap dance it’s way to your heart. It leans towards the cute – but it’s sweet declarations of protecting you with a knife serrated will melt your cold cold heart.

2. Oh Atoms – Sugar Mouse

The title itself declares the saccharine sweetness of this song. Though I’ve never been a big fan of sugar mice (all rodents turn me off, even squirrels with cute puffy tails – and this includes food shaped like them) – Oh Atoms, pays homage to the sugar mouse in a love song that makes it all the more appealing to all the rodent haters out there.

3. Pineforest Crunch – Situation Endless

Pineforest Crunch was a band introduced to me by a dear old college friend who was looking for tracks to play at the bar that he runs. The band reminds me somewhat of ‘The Sundays  – sweet melodies accompanied by angelic vocals (and based on their music videos, it’s by the equally angelic Åsa Eklund). Pineforest Crunch’s ‘Situation Endless’ is another one of those love songs that has sickly sweet melodies with a bitter core – especially if you’re the subject of the said song. It’s cute nonetheless, and with it’s powerful draw, you might actually like it even if you’re the guy who’s this song is all about.

4. Donora – Shhh

This song came to me perusing one of my friend’s blogs. A big fan of – she posted a Postsecret video featuring Donora’s ‘Shhh’. This song is the type of song that you can fall in love with first listen…and depending your fondness for Postsecrets and female driven vocals – it might even be your soulmate. You can send that in to Postsecret if you want. 

5. Lacrosse – No More Lovesongs

As anyone who reads this blog regularly knows, I love love songs – especially ones that talk about love in the non-traditional sense, and even ones that denounce love songs even if they are in their core, love songs themselves. This is one of them, in all its twee glory, complete with jangly guitars, trumpets, hand claps and tinkly glockenspiels playing in the background.

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