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The First One Hundred and Twenty

by Cris



The Maccabees Peter, Bjorn and John Los Campesinos! Johnny Foreigner The Pippettes Architecture In Helsinki Slow Club Junior Senior Figurine Belle and Sebastian Stars Lucky Soul The Radio Dept. The Concretes Love Is All Wolfman Ms. John Soda We Swim You Jump Shout Out Louds Friska Viljor The Good China Guillemots The Rumble Strips Cat House Evripidis and His Tragedies Enon Those Dancing Days Shiver Shiver The Rest Sufjan Stevens The Boy Most Likely To I'm From Barcelona Heavenly Tullycraft Lemonwilde Michael Leviton The Bees Foals The Go! Team The Kingdom Feist Kalle Mattson Staphan O'Bell Sally Shapiro Broadcast Hot Club De Paris Loveninjas Jalexis 11 The Wombats Mumm-ra Black Kids Hello Saferide Danielson The Mountain Goats Camera Obscura The Decemberists Broken Social Scene Jamie T The Magnetic Fields Gogol Bordello The Spinto Band Free Loan Investments Keko Yoma Au Revoir Simone Voxtrot Silverpennies Luva Anna Amiina Cajun Dance Party Good Shoes The Red Crayon Aristocrat Club Art Brut Oh, My Glory Days! MGMT Playradioplay! Lacey Her Space Holiday The Blow A Pale Ghost The Indelicates Children Collide Shitdisco Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly Majestic CocoRosie Dykeenies Dark Mean Ze Logan Lynn We Are Scientists Wires in the Walls She and Him Manuel Da Costa Blane Fonda Adventure Kid Kosha Dillz The Flowers of Hell Return to Mono Art In Manila Things In My Pocket Puck This Frontier Needs Heroes Sigur Rós AshleyRobinson Tunnel Charlotte and Magon Anderson Council Ninjasonik Tokyo Police Club Irene Yo-Yo & the Chaplain Purple Souls Polychromatic! Club Silencio The Shagbots Pictures of Then Case by Case Ben's Imaginary Band The Temper Trap Anathallo



Yes, we’ve reached the 120 mark! Considering how long this site has been up, I’m not sure if I should celebrate or not. According to my therapist  though, I’m on a negative thought stopping program, so…Hip! Hip! Hooray! 

And to celebrate the database reaching the 120 artist mark – what you see above, is a nifty collage of all the artists that you guys have submitted to the site. It’s a hodge podge of groups from all over – so if you’re the adventurous type, click away and discover something new 😉 We’ve got 120 artists you can sink your teeth into, with information about 754 albums and 5195 songs, as well as 220 videos that you can watch while perusing our humble old database.

Not only that, as an extra bonus,  the search page is now equipped with a ‘Browse by Artist name’ feature. More for all you click happy interweb surfers out there 😉

Of course, we’re not stopping at 120 – there’s still so many bands out there that haven’t been included.  So if your favorite band isn’t in the list yet, you can contribute to the database (please, please do!) – all but for the pleasure of seeing your favorite artist included in your all time favorite site, so that others can discover and fall in love with them too.

And to all the artists and fans that have contributed, your efforts are well appreciated. I send you all a big thanks – THANK YOU. I know I still have that big mountain of emails to go over, so if you’ve submitted your info and I haven’t included it on the site yet –  be sure to see it here in the next few days. We’re still straightening out a few kinks here and there, but we’re all on it.

In the meantime, look around and see, you next favorite band might just be a few clicks away 🙂