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Book of the Week : The Cried Wolf

by Cris



Since we’ve got prose for the theme of the past few posts, I figured, instead of the video of the week, we’d have a book of the week. It’s a good thing because, we’ve got just the right book for you courtesy of Hamilton, Ontario band The Rest.

The Cried Wolf Illustrated Novel EP  is a novel presented in four parts – each with a track to accompany it, as each part is released every month. I blame my three-month email backlog for not posting this sooner since the online novel has already been available since October. Nonetheless, you won’t be robbed of the joy of expecting the next two parts which will be coming in December and January. 

The project is in collaboration with artist MLXNDRSC who provides and an amazingly surreal and inventive visual interpretation of the story. The Rest has already released two tracks for it – their wonderful rendition of Robyn’s With Every Heartbeat and a track called The Close Western. You can head on to the Auteur Recordings site to view the novel and begin the fantastic and whimsical journey of liar-liar-pants-on-fire Hans Horatio Stickypants. If you’re the type who loves silly and surreal, you’ll definitely enjoy the read.

I’ve read the first two installments and it kind of made me think of  that Mighty Boosh episode (most probably because of that desert scene) where Naboo was telling Howard and Vince about the story of Rudi van Disarzio and Spider Dijon . The novel has the same kind of feel, only, instead of silly, kooky Boosh songs, we’ve got the more sophisticated, musically polished sound of The Rest. 

I’m rapt in anticipation, patiently waiting for the next few installments now. So, if you haven’t gotten to checking out this wonderful new novel/EP, I suggest you do 🙂