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Fresh from the Post: Rescue Cat

by Cris



This week, we feature an artist who’s a staunch supporter of your local adopt-a-cat program. In fact, he recently set up a cat themed fund raising show for the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home (which was also one of my favorite Animal Planet shows next to Vets in Practice). Rescue Cat, as he is fondly called, brings to us kitty friendly, electropop music, with snazzy synths that’ll be sure to warm your hearts up to make room for welcoming a rescue cat – if not in your home, then maybe somewhere in your mp3 playlist.

 How did Rescue Cat start?

RESCUE CAT was found wondering around the woods of North London in late 2006 looking for a home. A nice couple took him in and gave him a chair in the spare room. This spare room had an old synth, a drum machine and a computer in it. Soon Rescue Cat had put a few demos up on MySpace and immediately grabbed the attention of a manager and a music lawyer. After playing a number of solo gigs at open mics and parties, Rescue Cat decided to get a band together and earlier this year, after much rehearsal and experimentation, played their first gig at the famous Notting Hill Arts Club in West London. Rescue Cat is influenced by the music minicab drivers play at 4am when you’re heading home, wrapped in a warm blanket of drugs and alcohol. Heart, Magic, Smooth FM…

Who do you count as influences to your music?

Lou Reed (the father I never had), Madonna, AC/DC, dance music from the New York underground 1978-1984, Baudelaire (poet), Richard Price (author), Dorothy Parker, Kraftwerk, Beastie Boys and lately, Hall and Oats.

What can people expect when they listen to your music?

Swathes of synth, fuzzy basslines, melodies and spikey lyrics. All cat related of course!


To give you a taste of Rescue Cat’s music, here are two tracks accompanied with notes from RC. Inspirations range from loneliness, online social networking and colorfully winged six legged arthropods –

Tom Is My Only Friend


 This song is about the end of arelationship and also the loneliness of surfing the web. Tom is Tom Anderson of myspace fame. He’s the first friend you get when you join…



Butterfly is all about ownership…

For electropop solo artists, sometimes it’s a hard balancing act to create the best mix of beats and melody as well as laying down the perfect vocals on top of it. Luckily for Rescue Cat, this doesn’t seem to be an issue at all. There’s the fresh sounding beats and melodies as well as vocals that compliment the song perfectly. And the result? A sound that can get you hooked…and maybe give you an unexplicable yearning to head on to your local shelter to find your perfect feline companion. Either way, it provides perfect music for all you kool kats  out there to chill out to.
If you’d like to hear more music, you can check out Rescue Cat at MySpace page. You can also get random snippets of cat facts at his blog.
Did you know, when a cat drinks, its tongue – which has tiny barbs on it – scoops the liquid up backwards? I didn’t know either!