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25 Indie Songs of Christmas

by Cris


indiesongs.jpgIt’s December, and you know what comes next. A trip to the mall will probably give you that all too familiar Christmas feel, what with Mariah Carey or The Jackson 5 piped in through the mall sound system. If you’re up to getting your Christmas Spirit on, but want none of the usual mall flavor Christmas tunes, we here at The Indie Music Database are spreading the cheer and counting down the days of Christmas by sharing one song a day by some of our friends from the indie music community.

This will be a random assortment of songs, which will bring unconventional cheer to your holiday season. So to start with, since I began this post real late in the evening and I’m feeling a little clubby, a disco dance track mix (done by Celebrity Murder Party) of A Band Called Quinn‘s It’s Christmas Time