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Christmas Indie Single of the Day : Listen to the Choir Sing

by Cris



From New Jersey singer / songwriter Ian McGlynn, with Listen to the Choir Sing

This song would be a lovely complement to a nice, frosty Sunday afternoon in the Christmas season. If you’re craving to listen to something a bit more classic sounding in terms of Christmas songs, this song might just be the one for you. According to Ian’s website

"There’s something so solemnly sacred and magically nostalgic about Ian’s Christmas offering, ‘Listen To The Choir Sing,’ that one can’t help but imagine it featuring in both a midnight mass and A Charlie Brown Christmas. So if your Christmas wish is for Vince Guaraldi to rise from the dead and collaborate with Sigur Ros, well, you can finally put that dream to rest by listening, yes, to "Listen To The Choir Sing.