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Video of the Week: This Mighty Heart Attack

by Cris


Christmas is over and I should post something new. The site’s looking a bit too much like the SPCA commercials that I saw a lot of on TV last night – the one with Sarah McLachlan’s version of Silent Night. Everyone else has moved on over to be New Year’s themed except SPCA and me. Actually come to think of it, others are already doing Valentine’s. Did you know that Marketplace IGA’s already selling heart shaped donuts?

I’ve been too busy doing some backend changes that I almost forgot that I needed to post 😛 In any case, to bring you something new (new on the site at the very least), I give you the Video of the Week. I’ve been wanting to post this since I saw it came out, but found myself postponing. The Christmas season came and went..and well, here we are now 🙂

The cute little video above is US-2 Evil-0 with This Mighty Heart Attack. I think these guys have hit it right, in mastering the art of indiepop. See, you only need to follow these simple rules to create a successful indiepop song:

  • Make it a duet (one girl, one boy)
  • Include an instrument that has a tinkling sound reminiscent of a toy piano. A glockenspiel is the most popular choice, keyboards will do.
  • Handclaps, there should be handclaps
  • The vocals should be simple. You don’t need to be Beyonce to sing it. In fact, singing it American Idol style is a no-no. The vocals should be simple enough that it can be imitated by a 5-year old.

Cap it off with a wonderfully made music video (it pays to have a film director in your band who has the connections to make you a really cool vid ) –  This Mighty Heart Attack is an irresistable song that you’ll want to listen to over and over.

To those who know this song, I hope you enjoy it again. And to those who don’t, hopefully I’ve brought you something new for the New Year’s.

Have a Happy New Year everyone!