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About A Girl

by Cris


krayis.pngI’m running out of ideas here for the Friday’s list – so this week will be an easy one: songs that have girls names in them. There are tons and pretty much plenty to choose from – so here I share five songs, off the top of my head, that are about a girl…

1. Black Kids – Hurricane Jane

This version is from their self released EP The Wizard of Ahhs. With the name Jane, there’s always some sort of reference to drugs – though coming from a band with Christian rock roots, I’m leaning towards the song being about a girl. Whether it is Mary Jane or just plain Hurricane Jane, this catchy tune with a girls name is something you’ll definitely like at first listen.

2. Art Brut – Emily Kane

Emily Kane is a song about your first love. Emily Kane basically represents the one that got away as well as one that you can’t ever seem to forget. Of course, first loves are always like that because they’re way too easy to idealize – they’re from a far off memory where things were all so innocent and simple. Despite the beautiful rockin’ song about her, Art Brut singer Eddie Argos wasn’t able to win over Emily Kane – who eventually came to one of their gigs, sadly, with her boyfriend in tow.

3. The Answering Machine – Oh Christina

Of course how could I not include a song with my name in it. I wish it was a song professing their undying love for a girl named Christina, which would leave me flattered everytime I hear it (even if it isn’t about me at all). Though it isn’t, it’s pretty good song about growing up and growing apart.

4. The Albertans – Marie

Marie is the perfect girl, everything that a man can want and need. She just turned down a guy and this is his song for her. With doo-wop girls in the background (actually more like pee-rapap-pe-rum-pum-parap-pap-pap-pap-pee-rum-poorum-pa-rah girls), accented by lovely guitars and drums – The Albertans send you to the emotional rollercoaster ride that one gets when they find the love of their life, only to get dissed and dissilusioned.  

5. Douglas Heart – Alison

Swedish band Douglas Heart gives their own rendition of a Slowdive classic.  It still has that mesmerizing effect, but coupled with Malin Dahlberg’s vocals, it sounds much more sweeter. For anyone who’s ever been in love with a person who loves to get stoned, this song is the perfect one for you. And to all other people looking for the perfect love song for your girl who’s name is Alison – this might just be your best bet . Between Elvis Costello’s Alison and the Lemonheads’ Alison’s Starting to Happen, this song is a pretty good choice – unless your Alison’s getting her tit pierced and growing a mohawk,  then you can get the Lemonhead’s song instead.

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