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Geek Chic : Five Songs for the Geek In Love

by Cris



I’m not going into semantics here on what defines a geek (or geek vs. a nerd for that matter) . Everyone knows what a geek is, and frankly, geek chic is still in. Not surprising, since everyone is going techie. You have to have at least some basic technical knowledge to maneuver the ins and out of the modern society and juggle duties between email, twitter, and your many many iPhone apps. Since everyone belongs to the Geek Generation now, I dedicate my list to the continued rise of geek chic. And since every song in the world is a love song, it’s a list of songs for geeks in love –

1. Figurine – IMpossible


I love Figurine. I always find a reason to include them in one list or another. The band that let me know which half of The Postal Service I favored the most, is also a concept band by Jimmy Tamborello with friends David and Meredith. They make electropop songs set in the future – about space stations, technology and, in this song in particular – love via IM (for the non-internet savvy, Instant Messaging). It’s one of my favorite songs from the trio, since combines a duet, rave sirens and modern love in one neat package.

2. The Hot Toddies – HTML


The Hot Toddies are four cute girls that have mastered the art of clever sexual innuendos set in song form. With HTML, you can discover that internet-speak can be sexy too.  Also, to always be aware of handles that seem to reveal the age and sex of the online person you’re talking to. Nine times out of ten, sexychick18 would most likely be a pervy, balding, pot-bellied guy in his forties.

3. Britta Persson – Defrag My Heart


Never in my life would I have thought of love in terms of computer lingo. Britta has, and she’s looking for a program that could defrag her heart. I’m not entirely sure what defragmenting can do for the heart though. If it is in terms of the ability to love, wouldn’t it make you love faster since you optimized it by defragmenting?

I think too much. It’s a lovely song though.

4. Suburban Kids With Biblical Names – Loop Duplicate My Heart


This might be the cutest geeky song that I’ve ever heard. With lines like ‘I’m making out tonight with my computer‘ and ‘The neighbors can’t complain because I’ve got my headphones on‘, this Suburban Kids With Biblical Names song just makes you want to pick it up, hug it, and pinch its cheeks. You can also ogle at the awesome video for the song here. Too geekily cute!

 5. Monkey Swallows The Universe – Science


I thought it’d be nice touch to end the all techie geek theme by bringing on an intellectual geek theme with Monkey Swallows The Universe‘s Science. It’s a pro-science ‘anti-science’ song for those who put their ‘blind faith’ in science. You can actually skip past the irony and just plain enjoy the song. It may not be in the strictest sense, a love song, but with Nat Johnson’s vocals, it sounds like a sweet little ballad. I know it’s just me, but whenever I hear this song, I always get a mental image of Esqueleto in Nacho Libre saying, ‘I don’t believe in God, I believe in science’.


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