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New Year, New Stuff..and stars?

by Cris


You might want to ask – why are there stars in the background? I’m wondering that too. I’ve actually been racking my brain trying to think of something to fill those whitespaces and that’s the best I could think of. It kind of looks like wrapping paper – it must be my post holiday withdrawal. I may or may not scrap it – express your opinions if any of you out there are reading 😉 (UPDATE: sadly, the stars have been taken down. I was just not feeling it)

I’ve also added a new section on the upper left corner there called ‘Your Indie Music Quote of the Day’. For old time visitors of the site, I once had a section that churns up random lyrics from artists that I have in the database. I kind of missed that, so I’m putting on a new and improved one that you can check out daily. I will tweet it, and for those too lazy to visit everyday, there’s a blog post for a recap weekly as well – just in case you were curious.

I actually put it up yesterday, but for the few hundred that visited and missed it – my first quote comes from Voxtrot‘s The Start of Something. I just find it – sweet.