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The First Week…or so ( January 4 to January 17)

by Cris



As promised, here’s a recap of all the songs that were featured in the ‘Your Indie Music Lyric of the Day’ section since I started it a few weeks ago. If everything works out right next week, I’ll have this out every Sunday. If not, it would have been because I got caught up watching my husband’s ‘The Middleman‘ marathon (why oh, why did they cancel that show?) back to back with Chris O’ Dowd in Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel (which was a really great film btw, a nice filler for the empty hole left by not having to watch new episodes of The IT Crowd ). This also explains the absence of List Addicts Fridays last week, this and the fact that my brain got fried after a full week of my son asking mind-racking questions such as : Is electricity solid, liquid or gas? Is it matter? Why are tadpoles not called fishes (since they’re still not amphibians and can’t live on land yet?) Can I have a black hole in a black hole?…etc.

If you care about the timeliness of my posts, as well as quality – admittedly, I felt sad seeing how bad my writing was from all that rushing to post stuff (especially when sleep deprived) – you can go ahead and contribute your own list. Otherwise, you can also give me answers to questions about the world and the universe that a 7 year old autistic kid with ADHD might be interested in. For those who care, please do submit at

Now for the recap:

 "If I die clutching your photograph. Don’t call me boring, it’s just cause I like you"

The Start of Something by Voxtrot

"Send me stationery, to make me horny.."
My Year In Lists by Los Campesinos!

"People have no rights, they have great wrongs. Bands have no rights, they only have great songs"
It’s Over! It’s Over! It’s Over! by The Answering Machine

"You let me down lightly. I killed you politely"
Frenchy, I’m Faking by Architecture In Helsinki

"Did I step on your trumpet?"
Did I Step on your Trumpet? by Danielson

"The best things come from nowhere"
Made Up Love Song #43 by Guillemots

"Time means nothing"
After Hours by We Are Scientists

"No bombing, no heavy petting. Just stay in your lanes"
Latchmere by The Maccabees

"Don’t give up on your dreams now, buddy!"
The Painter by I’m From Barcelona

"Just cause you think it, don’t make it so"
Girls and Boys In Love by The Rumble Strips


 artwork: A Threadless tee design by Spencer Fruhling