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Video of the Week: The Phoenix Foundation – Going Fishing

by Cris


Who knew The Phoenix Foundation was based in New Zealand? This is yet another proof that Macguyver left an indelible mark in our culture.

Our video of the week comes from New Zealand band, The Phoenix Foundation with ‘Going Fishing’. This song is from the movie, Eagle vs. Shark which the band provided the score for.

I know, this is going to be the second movie themed post we’ve had in the past 5 days. I’m actually still in movie mode, since my husband and I were viewing movies we missed last weekend  with Eagle vs. Shark being one of them. I found the film quite endearing – in an awkward sort of way. Think of it as Napoleon Dynamite – but with more three dimensional characters and one half of The Fiight of the Conchords in it. It’s also worth it to see a socially awkward Lena Horsley, who does an amazing job in the part of Lily – the shark, who fell in love with an Eagle.