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Five Filipino Indie Music Picks

by Kaboowy


Our Guest blogger for this week is Boowy, a dear old friend from Manila, who shares to us his top five faves from the Filipino Indie music scene… – Cris

I am not VJ Lucky, VJ Sib, VJ Wu-Man, VJ Mike Casem nor VJ Danny McGill…I am not advocating any of those music channels in Skycable. (Sayang wala nang MCM – its this french music channel)

I am not in a band nor work in the local music industry…I only play 1 instrument, and my wife is an expert with it..

I am a music geek. I love music. I need music to do my art, clean the house, to go from point A to point B. to be inspired, to inspire someone, to enjoy a bucket of Red Horse Beer and to tolerate this F*cKing Goverment!

Here’s my list..Enjoy!!

  1. Ang Bandang Shirley – Sa Madaling Salita

Here’s an eight piece band that captured my interest a few a years ago with their track Togetherforevers. This song was used for “Endo” an independent movie between two Filipino contractual employees who face love and heartbreak in-between jobs. The track, however talks about love with no pretenses, barriers nor inhibitions..I think…The real kicker in this track is the melody. I dunno I guess I have this penchant for sappy, sickly sweet melodies…


  1. Prank Sinatra – Yesthurling Egg

I really don’t know much about this band  except that they are into experimental shit. What the hell is an Yesthurling Egg? Is it good with Chicken Pork Adobo? Can you scramble it and make Sinatran Deviled Eggs? You decide..


  1. Lourd De Veyra feat. Raimund Marasigan – Egis Er’p

Mr. De Veyra is the lead singer for Radioactive Sago Project, a spoken word-jazz fusion band. Raimund Marasigan is the former drummer for the Eraserheads and now lead singer for 5andwich. Both of them do rap in their albums, but what do you get when you mash them together? You get a song that sounds like its been backmasked – in a good way of course. This track was used for the movie Pisay which is about a day in the life of several high school students in a state-run University during the time of the Marcos Regime in the 1970s (google it). It was custom for students/activists to reverse several tagalog words..I’m not really sure why. “Egis Er’p” is “P’re Sige” in reverse which means “Go for it, dude”!! Serious!


  1. Zac Lucero – Matina Town Square

The multitasking  Mr. Lucero of Imago, produced an  album featuring this track. He recorded all of the songs in his own recording studio in his house and played with almost all of the guitar, drum, analog synth parts as well as providing his voice to all of them. He also produced this album from his own pockets. Although it didn’t really get much airplay, the album is a prime example of Filipino ingenuity at its finest.


  1. Ciudad – My Emptiness

These guys from Ateneo have been together for several years now. They didn’t really break through the local music scene which is a pity because no one sounds like them. Most of their songs are melodic at best and their lyrics are poignant and depressing at the same time.  Pinoy shoe-gaze music for nerds. I’m a nerd. You’re a nerd. Were all nerds…