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The Fourth Week (February 1 to 7)

by Cris



This comes out terribly late – I admit, I feel asleep…for a week – and just woke up in time for the Winter Olympics. There’s still no snow, only rain – and it bugs me why they have a blizzard there  where my sister is in Virginia, and not a tiny speck of snow in Vancouver. It’s scary to think that this is climate change at work, which makes me want to be more enviroment friendly than I am right now. I vow to recycle more and only buy only vintage clothes.. and maybe take up the art of cheingora yarn making so I can make use of all the useless dog hair that our pet corgi has been shedding a lot of ( which in turn, also reduces the carbon footprint that the wool industry leaves 😉 

Yes, I’m back, and here we are with the lyrics of the day recap –

"Your eyelashes ticked my neck with every nervous blink, and it was perfect "
(This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan by Dntel

"At least I know the difference between a boscoe and a bruno"
Twee by Tullycraft

"Get me away from here, I’m dying"
Get Me Away From Here, I’m Dying by Belle and Sebastian

"It’s hard to stay cool when you smile at me, and I get nervous every time you speak"
Can You Tell by Ra Ra Riot

"I cannot emphasise enough that my body is a badly designed, poorly put together vessel…"
We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed by Los Campesinos!

"He gives me sugar again instead of salt – so that I’ll come running back for more…"
Sugar by The Concretes

"Love’s all you need in the world to succeed"
Take My Time by Junior Senior