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Overplayed in the 80s: Yes, indulge me

by Cris



I know, this post isn’t at all indie – it’s going to be more retro than indie. But then, in my defense – it’s the sort of music that most of you guys reading haven’t heard of, since these songs came from an era where you were still a twinkle in your parent’s eyes.

I blame it all on the John Hughes tribute at the Oscars on Sunday, as well as JJ’s Spandau Ballet serenade on Skins last Thursday. It gave me this really big urge to post an eighties themed List Addicts Fridays. The scariest part about this is, the songs that are pushing me to do this are the type of songs that my friends would squeal at when heard at the high school dance (yes, back in the day).

To JJ, your ukelele version of True impressed me – if I was the girl, I would’ve married you on the spot. But although ‘True’ might be the quintissential song of the eighties – and hearing it always transports me back to that sweet sweet time of my youth, it’s been in a tad too many shows about the 80s. On this note, if any of you guys are planning on making an 80’s themed movie or TV episode, why not sample these eighties staples that were overplayed back then, but aren’t getting any action like what Spandau Ballet’s ‘True’ is getting now.

Indulge me, I promise we’ll go back to our regularly scheduled indie lists next week and never speak of this again…

1. Seona Dancing – More to Lose

Hello Ricky Gervais, your pop music past has come to haunt you again.

I don’t know why he tends to shy away from the subject when this fact comes out in interviews. The group wasn’t really a tremendous flop – this song was huge…in Manila that is. Nonetheless, now that the song has become pop music history – and not at all a bad song, maybe some of the new generation of music lovers can appreciate it – and regale in how Ricky Gervais actually sounds amazing as an eighties pop singer.

2. The Care – Whatever Possessed You

I’ve always wished this was featured in a cult teen movie and had the same notoriety that ‘Don’t You’ had because of The Breakfast Club. Maybe somebody out there can make that true for me – I’d sure see love to see this song put into film – and please, no covers.

3. Lotus Eaters – The First Picture of You

I admit, I was one of those sappy people who fell in love everytime this song played. Well, I guess I still am. Listening to the song again, I can say  it hasn’t lost its touch.

4. Psychedelic Furs – Ghost in You

I had the Psychedelic Furs album (in cassette form) which also had the original Pretty in Pink single – not the movie version with the sax and horns. I remember my sister loving this. I used her walkman to listen it sometimes – until my mom bought me those double tape deck cassette recorders which I would later use in my teen years to make many a mix tape. To note, I never liked the Counting Crows version.

5. China Crisis – Wishful Thinking

Usually, when you get to listening to Ghost in You, it’s always followed by Wishful Thinking – on radio or somewhere. It  was either this or I Melt With You by Modern English. Since I Melt With You has been redone in the past 10 years (by Jason Mraz and Bowling for Soup), I figure I’d put in a good word for its lesser known 80’s cousin. I just hope to god Ally and AJ won’t remake this and put it in a Disney movie.