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The Eighth Week (March 1 to 7)

by Cris



If someone can guess how that screencap is related to one of the songs in my lyric of the day recap, you win a free pass to the viewing of the green glowy fluid that came out of my guts this morning..and access to a couple of neat songs in this post. You might want to hurry up on this offer though, before my gut fludge radiation levels go up to ‘unsafe for human contact’.

Here’s the recap…

"I hate to want you and I can’t fight your nonchalance"
Swan Lake by Thomas Tantrum
"If we’re both not married by twenty-three, make my year and ask me."
When I Go by Slow Club

"A conversation about nothing can fill the emptiness we feel"
I Saw Love by Corduroy Utd

"Across the sky to the locomotive horse with dove wings"
I Am Constellation by The Kingdom
"I want to hold you like the sky holds the sun"
Sky Holds the Sun by The Bees
"Every hour kills a flower"
Falling Out of Love (With You) by The 6ths