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The Eleventh Week (March 22 to 28)

by Cris



Happy is when I see cute kitties lounging in toilet bowls.

I just love four day work weeks right after Spring Break – it just brings out the ‘happy’ in people.

Here now is your lyric of the day recap –

"Summer love is a scam. But I can’t help dreaming of summer romance."
Summer’s The Worst by Michael Leviton

"I can see why you’d pick them over me. They all got big trucks, big subs and I’m not 18."
At This Paticular Moment In Time by Playradioplay!

"I wanna know what I’m thinking what I’m feelin. What I want my life to be. I wanna know how I plan to make things easier. For everyone but me"
Hitten by Those Dancing Days

"Love. Love is just a word. A used up term, unless it’s heartfelt."
Heartfelt by Figurine

"You can’t touch me cause I’m way beyond you today"
Strange Things Will Happen by The Radio Dept.

photo by recubejim