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The Seventh Week (February 22 to 28)

by Cris



I think weeks should always start with a post of a picture of a young Christopher Walken.

Just because.

Also, my daily lyrics have a universal theme to them….but it’s mystery. Just like the mystery that surrounds the weird feeling that you get just by looking at this picture. Go figure.

Here’s the weekly lyric of the day recap –

"No one knows what the future holds. If we just hold on maybe life could be sweet"
Sugar Mouse by Oh, Atoms

"If we don’t believe someone can explain how we do all this stuff cos of the size of our brain, we’ll die immediately."
Science by Monkey Swallows the Universe

"Do you love me? Do you need me? Do you want me, when I’m not there? "
The Distance Between Us by The Arrogants

"I want to go out with you"
Do Me by Loveninjas

"My heart can make brand new kind of sweet soul music"
Happy Sad by Pizzicato Five

"You make me feel like I’m seventeen. Seventeen."
Close To You (Fear Of Tigers Remix) by The Venus Stare

"The silver chauffeur says that it’s all in your head when you’re 24 carat dead"

Mink Car by They Might Be Giants