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Not counting last week’s robot T-shirt design post (since it wasn’t even music-related), it’s been a while since I’ve posted a Paolo related music post. If you’ve been keeping tabs, the last song he got obsessed with was Who Left the Lights Off, Baby. Now, I’m happy to report that this has changed. It was hard pry him away from his fixation on the Guillemots, but I have finally succeeded 🙂 Not only that, I also lowered my burnout rate on songs that Paolo listens to repeatedly, by introducing him to two versions of the same song. It’s still the same song, but played differently – thus lowering the chance of me getting sick of it after five consecutive plays. How brilliant is that? I have gladly reached a compromise with my habit addicted, favorite music fixated, non neurotypical little boy…for now.

This week’s Friday’s list is inspired by songs that have two versions. Despite the distinct variations, both the original and the second version, are equally nice to listen to:

1. Too Too Too Fast by Ra Ra Riot

This is the song that broke the Guillemots obsession. Now, I just have to battle out this Ra Ra Riot fixation since Paolo tries to sneak in playing this song at the start of our car ride and times it so that the song also plays before the trip ends. It has now become a habit for him during our weekly trips to the therapist. Not that I mind though, I’m quite obsessed with the song myself. The original ‘drum version'(as opposed to the ‘piano version’ as Paolo would call it) is my favorite, since it gives me that sudden urge to clear off the dust from my sticks and hit the skins on the old drum kit.

John Pike, wherever you are, you make really awesome drum grooves 🙂

Too Too Too Fast (Say Hi Remix)

2. So Kind, Stacy by Carol Cleveland Sings

I’ve featured this before in one of the Lyric of the Day posts as well as in my earlier posts in this blog. It’s one of those songs that was great originally, and got successfully reincarnated with a fuller and richer sound later on. The first version is off the site, where The Spinto Band had its early start as Carol Cleveland Sings. The song didn’t win the songfight, but that didn’t deter the band from creating more songs – which led to the current Spinto Band sound, as well as the more popular version of So Kind, Stacy.

So Kind, Stacy  by The Spinto Band

3. Mushaboom by Feist

It’s been a while since I posted something by Feist. I remember my son loving the 1-2-3-4 music video – he called it the fruit dance (since to him, they all looked like fruits) and we would watch it over and over on the computer. My husband didn’t like Feist so much so he would skip watching the video with us, only for it to be featured weeks later on the Apple iPod ad and as well as on the radio – much to his annoyance.

Mushaboom was one of Feist’s earlier hits, that was remixed by The Postal Service – a band, who coincidentally, sang one of the first songs my little boy sang to on his own. Feist + The Postal Service, always brings back sweet sweet memories.

Mushaboom (Postal Service Mix)

4. The Cemetery by Architecture In Helsinki

Of course, a Paolo related post wouldn’t be complete without a song by Architecture in Helsinki. I probably should’ve introduced my son to remixes a long time ago – since AIH actually had one full album of them. Granted, some of the remixes were absolute misses, one remix did stand out for me. The Sass Emerary Mix of The Cemetery is one that doesn’t shy too far away from the original, yet it brings that subtle difference for one to be able to enjoy the song the second time around, without it sounding a bit too old.

The Cemetery (Sass Emerary Mix)

5. Seems Fine by The Concretes

The Concretes were my first Swedish indie pop love. I admit, it hasn’t been the same since Victoria Bergsman left. Nonetheless, fans like me can still reminisce on oldschool Concrete songs with this particular song that you can enjoy twice: the original, when you’re in the mood for some good old Swedish pop and the second version, when you’re in for a bit of bluegrass/country soul.

Seems Fine Shuffle

6. Fall Hard by Shout Out Louds

I have fallen hard for this song, I truly have. Believe it or not, I am guilty of not listening to the full Work album yet because I’m still soaking in this song – I just can’t get enough of it. This is totally why I adore the slower, synth pop version that the Shout Out Louds put out in their Fall Hard EP. Forget the Passion Pit remix, if there’s a better, second version of the song, this is it. I’m not sure why they named it Fall Hard Pt 2 though, since it is basically the same song. If it was me, I would’ve called it the Eighties Teen Drama Remix.

Fall Hard Pt.2

photo by oskay