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Free Tracks from Ten Free Albums

by Cris


It’s a little bit too early for a Lyric of the Day recap and too soon for an album art post – but it is way overdue for a song list.

I haven’t had time to sort through my emails in the last few weeks, so Fresh from the Post might have to wait a while. What I had time for though, was to browse through the Free Album download section on Amazon . I am admittedly, a sucker for free stuff. Of course, I know you guys are too because, what other reason would you be lurking on this site for, hmmm?

So, for all you freebie-aholics out there, right after the jump is a mid-week wrap up of some select songs from Amazon’s 2010 Free Indie Label Samplers.

You can check out the full tracklisting for each album by heading over to the Amazon site via  the album covers I’ve lined up here. You can also continue below to whet your ears to the select tunes. Sadly, if you go to Amazon they want to you to have a US address before you can give it a go and download, but that has never stopped me yet 😉 Which reminds me, eMusic, I am still bitter that you won’t let me download Rural Alberta Advantage‘s Hometowns. As a Canadian I think I have the right to do so. On that note, I think this would be more significantly ironic if I was a Canadian living in rural Alberta.

Damn those international copyright laws.


1. Carissa’s Wierd – Drunk With the Only Saints I Know

This one comes out from the Hardly Art label. I’ve always loved songs with male and female vocals blended in. There’s a lot of that in indie music, I’m just not quite sure why I don’t hear much of that in mainstream music today.


2. The Rural Alberta Advantage – Don’t Haunt This Place

The Rural Alberta Advantage are the best thing that’s ever happened to the history of Saddle Creek. I might be biased because I do love their songs – their music is the kind that draws its appeal from it’s simple raw-ness (if there is such a word). I guess that’s probably why Saddle Creek’s 2010 sampler has two songs from them – all from their 2009 album Hometowns.


3. Cut Off Your Hands – Turn Cold

I picked this off from the Frenchkiss sampler just because it reminds me so much of The Smith’s ‘This Charming Man’. While some indie bands choose to cover ‘This Charming Man’, Cut Off Your Hands chose to rework it and transform it into ‘Turn Cold’ – which didn’t turn out bad, I actually quite like it 🙂


4. Damien Jurado – Arkansas

There’s a lot of artists that I love who release songs through Secretly Canadian, disappointingly they weren’t in the sampler. Nonetheless, this little ditty from Damien Jurado was uniquely so 50’s inspired that just had to put it in this list (note: the album’s not entirely free, only two tracks are – still, it’s worth a listen to)


5. Efterklang – Modern Drift

I love 4AD, they produce albums for a lot of artists that I love, like Camera Obscura and St. Vincent. I haven’t heard of Efterklang’s songs before checking out their sampler – and Modern Drift is definitely a great introduction to them. I’d say, from the piano intro alone, I’m hooked.


6. Hot Hot Heat – 21 @ 12

When I saw that they were on the Dangerbird sampler, I knew I just had to pick their song for this list. Ever since I heard their song ‘Middle of Nowhere’ on the radio, they’ve become one of my favorite Vancouver Indie bands. 21 @ 12 is their newest release for 2010 and if you like it, I’d suggest checking out their other songs too – they’re mighty cool 😉


7. Tall Tales & The Silver Lining – Hey Sunshine

I admit, I haven’t heard of any of the bands that are in the Beehouse Records sampler, but I do like songs with the word ‘sunshine’ in them, I’m not sure why. I guess it’s just me looking at the brighter side of things. And their band has the words ‘silver lining’ in their name too. What’s not to like?


8. The Clientele – I Wonder Who We Are

This one comes from the Merge Sampler. My obvious choice would have been Shout Out Louds Fall Hard , but for any of you guys who regularly visit the site – you’d probably be sick and tired of me gushing over Shout Out Louds – especially Fall Hard. For a change, here’s a lazy Sunday afternoon kind of song from The Clientele – because everyone just loves a nice lazy Sunday afternoon.


9. The New Pornographers – Crash Years

I’m partial to Canadian bands, especially ones from Vancouver – which is where The New Pornographers are from, so this is my obvious pick from the Matador sampler. It’s also a cool song as well, why then would it be the first track to welcome new listeners to the Matador sound?


10. CocoRosie – Lemonade

I love the Casady sisters – just because they’re weirdly unique and their sound is usually something that you’ve never heard of (especially with Bianca Casady’s voice). This is CocoRosie‘s song is my choice from the SubPop 2010 sampler.