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I Miss You, Like the Deserts Miss the Rain

by Cris


This isn’t an EBTG post, sorry to disappoint, though it was that song that inspired me to make up this week’s list. As an alumni of the Long Distance Relationships club, I have compiled many-a-song to my list of tunes to soothe the weary heart. A particular song that was on heavy play was Everything But the Girl’s ‘Missing’ (also because, prior to the LDR club, I was a recovering pining-for-a-lost-love addict). I haven’t added a song since, as it’s been that long since I’ve needed one for my longing heart, but with my natural pre-disposition to sappiness and me being left alone while my bedside companion’s away for three week vacation, it kind of got me to reminiscing. It got me to thinking about those type of songs that conveyed that feeling of yearning and missing. They may not be as dancey as EBTG, but in their own indie way, it’ll be like how the deserts miss the rain all over again.

1. Coconut Records – West Coast

Yes, it’s Max Fischer, only instead of directing, he’s singing now. This song  reminds me of The O.C. – just because it’s called West Coast and  it’s Jason Schwartzman that’s singing (who, by the way, was the drummer of Phantom Planet). Speaking of The O.C., I actually kind of miss it. It was a good show. And you don’t get a lot of Seth Cohen characters on TV nowadays. Honestly, I think we need more proponents of the geeky is sexy movement – the freaks are taking over with their sparkling pale complexion and and fanged teeth.


 2. Ballboy – I lost you, but I found country music

I hope I don’t get into a lot of trouble for mentioning country music again in this blog.

This song, is the type of song that you’ll easily latch on to, just because it describes you – compiling all those sappy songs just to ease that thumping heart that doesn’t seem to want to stop. A less than two minute song, you might find yourself singing along to it after a few listens. Just substitute the ‘country music’ part to death metal or whatever schmaltzy crap you’ve been listening to and ‘voila!’ your own customized sentimental love song.


3. The Muttering Retreats – Awkward Poetry

This one is for all those people who’ve written awkward poetry in their teens and  have ended up burning it just to break the vicious cycle that unrequited love reels you into. I’ve had my share of that, which I distinctly remember, and almost got mistaken as a pyromaniac.


4. The Softies – Sleep Away Your Troubles

Being true to its title, you’ll definitely want to sleep away your troubles with this song in the background. Really, sleep does wonders and The Softies will certainly lay it easy on you with their heartbreakingly sweet and sentimental song.


5. Bloc Party – Two More Years

I’m not sure what the two more years are referring to – but it’s obviously a love song with a long distance relationship theme where waiting is a factor. But who cares what it means really, all you have to know is that it has a great beat and melody and you just need to proceed and enjoy the music.


6. The Arrogants – The Distance Between Us

I’m going to end this list with a nice upbeat song – all about missing someone and wondering if that someone is thinking about you. It’s always good to be optimistic, and it helps to have cool head-bopping kind of song to accompany you while you wait for your special someone to come back.

Oh, and It’s Father’s Day weekend too 🙂 Even though this is just a Hallmark created holiday, it’s still a great excuse to send your love to your Dad.This is for my Dad – where ever you may be, I’m missing you right now 🙂 And to Rayms, your son is missing you too, just because he can’t wait for his Dad to get him that Super Mario Game when he comes back next month.

photo by Unhindered by Talent