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A Couple of Songs from the Levi’s Pioneer Sessions

by Cris


Watching Inception last weekend blew my mind off, especially with Joe Gordon-Levitt’s zero gravity action sequence. Yet it also reminded me that the last film I saw Leonardo diCaprio in was Romeo + Juliet. It made me feel old knowing that the once Tiger Beat fodder, Leo DiCaprio, is now playing a married man with kids and the goofy kid alien from 3rd Rock from the Sun is playing his slick and dashing point-man. Then I remembered how I loved my Romeo + Juliet OST casette tape and played it to death, and also, that I forgot to let you guys know that the Swell Season did a cover version of “Young Hearts Run Free” (which was undoubtedly one of the memorable songs from the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack). What’s extra good about it is that you can get it for free, down at the Levi’s Pioneer Sessions site, where a whole bunch of other artists take on songs that have influenced their music. I’m posting songs from two of my favorite duos here (The Swell Season and She and Him) but you can go check out the site for more music from Jason Mraz, Dirty Projectors and Passion Pit to name a few –

Young Hearts Run Free by The Swell Season

Fools Rush In by She and Him