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Some Sweet Treats for Your Ears

by Cris


This will be the first time in months that I’ll be doing Fresh from the Post without the usual Q and A – mostly because of the sudden shift in the force and my midichlorian count hitting an all time low (in other words, life got in the way and I haven’t had the time to set up proper interviews).  To accomodate me doing other ‘important’ stuff until I get substantial earnings from running this website (which at its current state is done all for the love of music, aka for free) – Fresh from the Post  will be done without the glamour of the Q and A, but still with the charm of all that’s important — new and exciting music.

This week, I’ve got some music courtesy of some amazing bands old and new –


What better way to start our Fresh from the Post and bring sweet music to your ears than to listen to sugary twee pop via The Gentle Isolation. If you can hear a hint of 80s nostalgia in their new single Let’s Go Slow, it’s because the band started out as a new wave cover band before reformatting their sound to the ever lovable tune of indie pop. This four-piece, made up of Ness Urian (Vocals/12 String Acoustic), Monch Cristobal (Vocals/Bass), Joseph Rovero (Electric Guitars) and Batchie Rudica (Drums), is prepping up for the release of their first EP from indie label LilyStars Records come August 18th.



From twee to the earthy goodness of music that only a ukelele and a glockenspiel can bring, we have a track from The Chord and The Fawn from our good friends over at Edible Onion. Called Right as Rain, this track is taken from The Chord and The Fawn’s Split 12″ with Br’er, that as with all albums from the craft-loving Edible Onion label, comes packaged in a hand-cut & hand-sewn, felt 12″ sleeve of your choice (you should see the site for the awesomeness of this split LP). The Chord and The Fawn consists of cousins Dani Lewis and Angie Krube – two girls that do wonderful things with the most unlikely combination of instruments. They will certainly make you fall in love with the ukelele all over again.

Right As Rain




Since this post comes out on Friday, we end it with a club friendly single from a band whose music we’ve featured in Fresh from the Post before. The Techy Romantics come back with a new track called One Way. The trio weave their electro-beat filled magic again with this groovy track accented by Camyl Besinga’s sensual vocals.


This should satisfy your hunger for a bit fresh music meat . If not, come back next week with the new Fresh from the Post format – not particulary posted on Tuesdays, but with more stuff and with less the hassle.

Now I’m off to have a nice long weekend.