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High School Crushes and Unrequited Love

by Cris


It’s List Addicts Friday time – and today’s topic is high school crushes and unrequited love. Why? Just because I’m in the mood for it and these two always go together.

High school has always been a memorable time for me – not because of the nice memories I’ve shared with my high school friends, but because of all the heartache, heartbreak and the tramautic experiences I’ve had dealing with members of the opposite sex. Despite the good intentions of the strict nuns at my high school, and my loving, yet overprotective father, I wasn’t prepared to deal the enigma that were boys – high school boys at that . Despite this, I was able to survive high school  with my sanity intact. But then, to anyone who’s ever had to deal with high school crushes and unrequited love, I don’t think you’ll ever leave unscarred.

1. Hello Saferide – Highschool Stalker

When you talk about unrequited love, there’s always an element of stalking involved.  In Highschool Stalker, Hello Saferide gives us the inside scoop of what it is to be a high school stalker. And because she dates herself by using Yahoo! and AltaVista to search, it would be circa mid-1990s. I myself used HotBot and Infoseek but never did go as far as breaking into the dentist’s office like she did in the song. Does employing voodoo magic to make your crush notice you count as psycho stalker-ish? It worked for me though.


2. You Say Party! – Laura Palmer’s Prom

This one is the first of many prom themed songs in this list. Inspired by the Twin Peaks theme, YouSay Party!’s Laura Palmer’s Prom is a song filled with synth-pop goodness. Not too upbeat nor too slow, this one is an absolute joy to listen to, especially if you’re one that’s hoping against hope that your crush of oh-so-many years will finally notice you at the prom.


3. Thomas Tantrum – Swan Lake

Continuing on to the theme of unrequited love, here’s a song that shows the other side of it. It’s a song that embodies that feeling of self loathing while you continue on pining for someone who doesn’t even care. It’s angsty, with a bit of a the classics blended in. If you listen closely, you’ll hear a sample of that Tchaikovsky classic – hence the title.


4. Montt Mardie – Prom Night

So, it doesn’t end like that Taylor Swift video where you get to meet your crush on the dancefloor and go off into the night together. Montt Mardie lets you know what actually happens when you go to the prom by yourself – with all the heartbreaking details. I, on the other hand, was saved from this tragedy because I never went to the prom. We never had one. The Belgian nuns at our school didn’t want to have anything to do with such a sinful event.


5. Stars – Reunion

This Stars song is one proof that some people are fond of high school memories and never forget their high school love. Also, if you get extremely lucky, after ten years, you can pick up where you left off and actually get that person you’ve always pined for. But of course, beware: always keep in mind that line from Grosse Pointe Blank – “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it’s broken.”

locker photo by Quinn Dombrowski